How To Buy A Worth-buying Headphone Splitter In 2017

Headphones or earphones are great in allowing you to listen to music or a movie from your computer without disturbing the people around you. Sure, you can share a pair of earbuds with one other person—but that’s not so convenient. But what if several people want to listen—like a bunch of kids in a station wagon? A headphone splitter is a solution for just that. You can hook up as many as five headphones to one headphone connector. And depending on the quality of the splitter, everyone can hear just as well. Here is a guide to some of the best headphone splitters on the market.

Types Of Headphone Splitters
Dual splitter: Here you insert the splitter into the headphone connector. There are two connectors that extend from the splitter—each one accommodates one pair of earbuds or headphone. These come in a wired form, or in one solid piece with one input and two outputs.

Short leads: Since this is an extension of the headphones, people prefer that the splitter be short. Otherwise it tends to get tangled with the headphones that get attached.

Decrease in volume: Some customers noticed a decrease in volume when they started plugging in more than one set of headphones. Make sure that the model that you select will be able to maintain the volume, even if you hook up a number of devices.

Gold-plated jack: Some notice better performance in the splitter if the jack socket and jack plug are all gold-plated. That is typical design for the expensive models, such as Belkin.

Useful Tips For Shoppers
Double shielding: Some headphone splitters are double shielded, in order to reduce interference and loss of signal.

For mixing music: You can also use this device to connect multiple music playing instruments at once. This way you can mix music.

Works with wireless headphones: If you want to use external speakers or wired headphones and wireless headphones, you can hook up the splitter to the TV, phone, or computer. Then plug in the wired headphones/external speakers in one socket, and the transmitter for the wireless headphones in the other socket.

Works with a variety of devices: You can connect an iPhone, iPod, MP3, Galaxy, tablet or smartphone directly to your home theater system. But it’s best to check which devices can be connected to the splitter.

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