Reviewers About MillSO Onikuma K1 Gaming Headsets

MillSO K1 PS4 Gaming Headphone Over-ear headband for Xbox one Nintendo Switch with Stereo Noise Canceling Mic LED Light 3.5mm Audio Splitter Cable.

I chose the product because it already had some good reviews. For me the sound and comfort is important. This headset is suitable for Internet telephony for playing or listening to music.
The bass, however, is somewhat minimized and could be more. Unfortunately, not very bass-heavy. The sound is ok but the center and heights are clear. It is ok but could be better for the price.
Unfortunately, the headset is fixed. There is a remote control for the volume control and microphone off and on attached to the cable to simplify the control of the headphones. The lighting on the headphones can be useful provided the USB cable is plugged into the USB port but in my opinion is not usable. So I do not see the lighting and see no reason to have a lighting. If you want to have good headphones that do not necessarily have the large bass, the headphones are recommended. The receiver of the voice telephony receives a clear voice color and is particularly suitable as a headset for which it was developed in principle. For listening to music, however, I do not recommend this. If you want to have both, there are already better models. For my purposes, however, I am very satisfied and give 4/5 stars

For little money you get here a first class Gaming headset. The sound is just great, both treble and bass are all recorded and played with a clean sound. Furthermore, the headset fits perfectly on the head and is very comfortable.
All in all a top headset for little money.

Super satisfied. I use the headphones for gambling on the PC, but you can also use it on the console, but the sound is not optimal, as I think. On PC super sound. Effects come to a good effect and are beautifully deep. Led lit subtle and not intrusive. Language quality with friends is very good. So until now there were no complaints. They can understand me well and I can get them. Wear it on the weekend also times a few hours and do not find that pushes something.

The sound of the headphones is great and it is ideal for listening to music and also for gambling.
The microphone has so far always worked perfectly and the recording quality is okay.
The headset sits very well on the head and isolates almost all ambient noises.
I find the quality of the headset for this price expresses well and will continue to use it.


I would like to emphasize the stability of the strap, which is pleasantly padded.
The quality of the sound transmission is good but not excellent. (Have solved the problem then over the DB settings)
The handset sits very pleasant on the ear and can also be worn for several hours without disturbing it.
The LED’s are a nices gimmick, but only LAN parties really make sense when you play with several people.

Volume, bass, treble and bass are reproduced super!

The cable is sufficiently long and well processed. All in all, a solid product that is outstanding for gaming. For Skype applications, I would not put it on 🙂