How To Install MillSO Onikuma K2 Gaming Headset Virtual 7.1 Audio Driver?

How to Download MillSO-K2-Virtual-7.1-Audio-Driver first?

Server-1:  MillSO-K2-Virtual-7.1-Audio-Driver ( Download Here – MillSO Server – 57.03 MB )

Servier-2: MillSO-K2-Virtual-7.1-Audio-Driver ( Download Here – Google Server – 57.03 MB)


How To Install Driver? Just Steps As Following :

1. Close Safe and Virus Software, Like McAfee, kaspersky, Avira, Norton and So on.
2. Click Install File < ONIKUMA Virtual 7.1 Audio.exe > after Unzip ‘
3. Just Click “Next”, You will finish the installation.


Or Click Here For Video Instructions.


Attention Please:
1. This Driver Can only be installed At the condition of Windows System, Not For Mac System.
2. Close Safe and Virus Software before installation.

1.) Click “Next”


2). Installation



3). Finished



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